the raspberry pi is a credit card sized computer. it packs a lot of power and and if you haven’t got yours already then go and get one ASAP. it costs just around 3000 Indian rupees and you can use it for a variety of home projects. It has a great support base too. If you thinking about buying one Buy the latest model that is the raspberry pi 2 version.

Recently the raspberry pi foundation has released a version of the board called as the raspberry pi zero. the board costs just 5$ and is the tiniest version of the pi.  to learn more about the raspberry pi zero click here.

let us make a TV a media center using a raspberry pi running on the OSMC operating system.

Let us begin


The parts that you will be requiring are

  • Raspberry pi
  • USB to micro-USB cable
  • USB power source for the pi/ adapter
  • TV/monitor with HDMI input
  • HDMI cable
  • USB/wireless mouse (keyboard is optional)
  • 4GB micro-SD card (bigger capacity the better)
  • A PC/ laptop/computer with a card reader
  • A case for the pi (optional)

OSMC player


the OSMC player is a OS for the raspberry pi. It is a media center and boasts of many features. you can find out more about it by visiting the website It also has a dedicated app store designed to customize the OSMC player to your liking

there are other popular medis center OS’ for the pi like Kodi,OpenELEC,Xbian that are also good alternatives. but I haven’t tried them as yet.

Installing OSMC player on your SD card

  • in the site there are disc images for you respective raspberry-pi. Download the image file

WARNING: download the disc image specific to your pi version, if you download the wrong image you will get a box with a rainbow screen.

  • the image file is in .tz format. you will need a extracting software such as 7zip to extract such a file. You can download 7z here.
  • Extract the .gz file which contains a disc image file
  • to burn the image file to the sd card you will need win32DiskImager software. Here is the link
  • connect the SD card to your PC through a card reader
  • open the win32 disk image software
  • browse to the disk image
  • select the drive letter of the SD card
  • press write to burn the image on the SD card

below are a few pictures that may help you in this process

win 32win 32 disk imagewim32 disk imager

After the software burns the image on your SD card. remove the SD card from the PC

The OSMC on your TV part

  • Insert the SD card into the slot on the raspberry pi
  • Connect the HDMI cable from your TV to the HDMI port on the Pi
  • Connect the mouse (and keyboard) to the Pi
  • Switch On your TV and browse to the HDMI input of the PI
  • Start the pi by giving it power through the micro-USB slot via a cable
  • Wait for a few seconds until you get OSMC logo on the screen


Initially The Player will perform a few tasks such as formatting device, installing files automatically. In the end you’ll get a message that the OSMC has been installed successfully.

You will be prompted to do a few initial setting adjustments such as language, timezone, network, etc. it only takes a few seconds.DSC00501

You now are ready to begin with your OSMC player


OSMC supports all types of media just connect any media device to the pi and begin viewing it on your TV.

Will post new content next week. Please feel free to like,Share and comment if you will.


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