Hi guys,

Today lets make a raspberry pi motion detector. i.e. The raspberry pi triggers an alarm when it detects motion through its camera

Let us begin

Parts you will need:

  • Raspberry pi
  • Raspberry pi camera
  • a buzzer

You will need to get the raspberry pi camera working along with the SimpleCV module. If you need instructions how to get this done check my previous post or go to this link.

The program sends output via the GPIO pins so install the GPIO module for python. To do this

  • open up terminal and type sudo apt-get update
  • now type sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio
  • wait for the module to get downloaded
  • open python and import the module by import Rpi.GPIO
  • if you get no errors the module has been successfully installed

the buzzer i am using is shown in the pic below. there are only two wires. The red one goes to pin 12 on the raspberry pi which we will be using to send  GPIO high signals. the blue one is connected to ground pin



How it works

The SimpleCV module is the brains behind this project. what it does is it captures images continuously from the Raspberry pi camera module. It then subracts two consecutive images to check if there is any significant difference between images.  lets call this the difference image.

SimpleCV module can perform arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction etc. on Images. when it subtracts an image with itself we get a black image. i.e. all the pixels are black. This is the case when the camera detects no motion. There is not an entirely black image but it is a dark one.

When we have motion the difference image is not a black image (entirely). How can use this to detect motion. In SimpleCV we  can view the histogram of the difference image. if the Image is a dark Image we will get mostly 0(zero) values in the histogram list. if there is some motion, the histogram list will have lesser no of 0 values.

We can count the no of times 0(zero) values are repeated in the histogram list by using the count(0) on the list. This function gives how many times a given element is repeated in a list. It can be used on any list in general. If the no of zeroes fall below a certain threshold the alarm is triggered. in our case it is 10 zeros.

So now that You know how this works lets get building.

The final part

  • Connect the buzzer to the raspberry pi along with camera

motion detector circuit diagram

  • you will need to run this program on the raspberry pi. copy and paste the program in a new python window. save the program as

from SimpleCV import Camera

cam = Camera()

lastimage = cam.getImage()

difference = lastimage

while not display.isDone():
 img = cam.getImage()
 difference = img - lastimage

 histogram = difference.histogram()
 if histogram.count(0)<10:
 print histogram.count(0)

 lastimage = img
  • lets get rid of the screen and make the program run automatically at startup. to make the program run at startup by using the crontab module follow these steps
file path and program for crontab screenshot
we need the file path of the program to run using crontab


sudo crontab
open up terminal and type ‘sudo crontab -e
raspberry pi crontab
The crontab editor opens
crontab program at reboot
now type @reboot sudo python <filepath>/ &
  • type Cntrl+X and Y to save new crontab
  • Reboot and check that it works

here is the video for the working of the motion detector

If the above video does not work properly go to this link on youtube

Thats it for this post. comment, like and share and follow for more such projects.



      1. thank you so much for testing that! thats above-and-beyond the call.

        your tutorials are incredibly clear; i havent seen many hw tutorials (lots of sw ones) though you make this stuff look easy. thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

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